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Anyone Can Teach

Speaking as an educator with two degrees of my own-and the mountain of student debt to prove it-I stand by my statement: Anyone can teach

New York City Schools 193

New York City Schools To Eliminate Gifted Programs

Outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is making one of the most sweeping changes to the nations largest public school system by eliminating gifted and talented education classes.

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The Last Normal School Year

Many parents have worried that the closure of schools would cause academic regression in our kids, and it has. But school is not just that…


What Happens When A Skill Becomes Obsolete?

What happens when a skill dies? The key thing to me is to note that skills don’t die suddenly. There is an inflection point that signals the coming end.

Newtons laws of motion

They are Newton’s Laws of Motion

It seems like students should at least be told that others refer to them as Newton’s laws of motion even as they chose to refer to them differently.

The System

Growing up in the System:

There are still too many people of my experience trying to apply their “the system” to today’s problems and today’s jobs.


Let’s Talk About Text

Ordinarily, handwriting is not on my top ten list of “Fun Stuff to Talk About.” but, something about this was different.