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The TV Pilot Hoax of 1997

Consider, for a moment, what a scam about pickle jars and phony TV tells us about life before the Internet.

Federal Reserve 13

Banking on the Federal Reserve

It isn’t clear whether the crisis is over, but the swift and strong reaction from the Federal Reserve seems to be tamping down most fears.

Class 78

Class, Behavior, and Just Dessert

“They don’t get to call themselves ‘middle class’ anymore!” is a conversation that shows up from time to time

gas 23

On Believing Oil Company Executives

So to reiterate – you are paying more at the gas pump because oil company executives are more concerned with their dividend rates then anything else.


The Creative Destruction of Sears

Most people especially the media have bought into a certain narrative: that Sears and Kmart failed to keep up with the times and now they are paying the consequences.

the Nobel for Economics

And the Nobel for Economics Goes To…

The Nobel for Economics explains a UBI would have to pay out somewhere north of $15K before we’d see a negative impact on the labor force

Blue Collar

Mystical, Magical Blue Collar Labor

There is no mystical, magical thing to blue collar labor, just a shortage of people willing or encouraged to do it.


Money For Nothing: Inflation Is Not Free

There is a point where deficit spending has negative effects, inflation being the most obvious example. You can’t run up debt forever