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This post, and comments to it, are not showing up in "State of the Discussion." Comments to it are not showing up, or only briefly, in the Gifts of Gab panel on the front page. They show up in the corresponding panel on the comment page proper, but that has a slightly different structure than the comment page for other comments.

I've had at least one comment today that showed up on the page returned after I hit "Post Comment" but then disappeared. I believe that the site's (technical) behavior is that when a comment is deleted, the entire dependent thread is also deleted. Have there been any comment threads deleted this morning?

If you want an endorsement on how far out the borders are, I'll simply note that you accepted a guest post from me laying out the reasons why I thought the 11 western states should (and quite possibly could) eventually secede peacefully from the Union. Not many places would put up something speculating along those lines. Not many commenting communities would treat it as politely as this one did.

...SSM, Obamacare, Partial elimination of the Bush tax cuts, some significant reduction of our entanglement in the Middle East...

From my area of interest, a dozen blue states and the Supreme Court are slowing kicking the movement conservatives' butts on air pollution emissions, including CO2. CJ Roberts is turning out to be a terrible disappointment to them, I think.

Technically, most of them aren't trees, but bushes/shrubs. Much of the flat portions of the West are battlegrounds where the grass and some variety of shrubs are fighting it out. Who's winning swings back and forth based on drought and other factors. In many parts of the Southwest, the shrubs are winning because of over-grazing. Cattle will preferentially eat grass but not sage or creosote.

You could start by not describing your day job working with three- and four-year-olds. There's a knee-jerk reaction along the lines of "Anyone who can do that can't possibly be an asshole." :^)

I suppose I could take this opportunity to say that the editors recently told me basically "Click the damned 'Publish' button on your stuff yourself." Anyway, my name will show up on the front page now instead of Guest Author. Since I probably fall mostly into the category that CK is describing, it doesn't change the balance.