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Its good to be right. Its even better thansex

I like this take. And don't know how to be more accommodating.

Pot cookies maybe?

I would guess that the high priest of the oblique vague comments falls into group 2?

Not so much a critique, just wish that he was more direct. Some of us are working here.

I have had a while to digest this so here it goes.

It seems to me that ck is stating yhat because the conservitives we have on the site are not republican movement conservitives they dont count. I think thats wrong on a few levels, the first one being that OG strives for a civil conversation. A lot of right wing deep con con belief and policy seems to stem from the belief that "lieberals" want only to mooch off makers take all yall guns and then rape your women and forcibly abort the baby because..... evil socialism. Thats a hard place to start a discussion from, and yeah gonna get heated pushback on that. Same as if I decided to extol the virtures of marx and lenin and declare mao the patron saint of america.

2. Wayyy ot mostly a personal note to CK.
Nice work gathering everything together, but I keep praying to thor that your posts had a shorter button. Sifting what your driving at is sometimes a hell of a lot of work.