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On “Spoiling you some more

Redacto blocks for non-logged in users?


Let's see.


Should work now - for non-admin-type logged-in users?

On “Ordinary Times Is Currently A Left “Liberaltarian,” Mainly Cultural Site

Did not get that comment sent to me - which'd be the expected behavior.

I wonder if when you OGs are trying to delete your subs, you're checking the box, or just hitting the delete button.

Also, however, this is the first Other CK's comment post-subscription deletion. I note that the the selection box below is on "All." Now, expected behavior would be I receive a confirmo-link before the sub is re-activated.


OK, here's me puttin up a comment.

On “Cookie Assortment

Ok fine add a second comment from Chrome for SCE testing


so let's add a comment from chrome

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