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Season 3, Episode 18: “Walkabout”



Season 3, Episode 17: “World Without End, Part II” (plus a short recap of the story thus far!)


On Jessica Jones

What I am watching: mostly spoiler-free, certainly spoiler-light



There are nominees for Best Director (and for Best Supporting Roles, I guess)



How The Man from U.N.C.L.E. succeeds in a way almost no other movie made from a classic TV show ever does.


David Brin: Star Wars’ Dubious Lessons Live On – Nautilus

What do you think was the result of the exchange you had in Star Wars on Trial?

Absolutely freaking nothing. Does entertainment have to have an outcome? We were doing it for fun. Fortunately, Lucas’ propaganda for evil is completely ineffectual. Almost none of the viewers who have enjoyed his films, and count me as one of them, even notice his sneering contempt for democracy and the common man. Though it appears that it has not gone unnoticed in China, where many commentators have spoken about the core lesson of Star Wars—that democracy is futile. But much simpler moral lessons are absorbed by kids: be brave, defend your friends, try to be nice. Those simple messages from the first and second films could not be washed away and they are the ones that kids take home. So while I have fun poking at the deeper moral lapses, I can sleep well knowing that almost nobody is listening when George Lucas vamps for evil. All they notice is the fun.

From: Yoda Is Dead but Star Wars’ Dubious Lessons Live On – Nautilus



Fascinating short doc on Chuck Jones, with insights on humor, discipline, psychology, and inspiration.


Second-Guessing Confirmation Bias

Vikram thinks confirmation bias may be an adaptation to a bigger problem. Also, he finally saw Star Wars VII.


Star Collage Wars

Friends, cinephiles, Star Wars fans, lend me your eyes.


Star Wars VII and the Ultra-Real

The cinematic rather than merely narrative objective of Star Wars VII is to persuade by being overwhelmingly Star Wars VII.