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A Meathead Watches Gilmore Girls ("Pilot" and "The Lorelais First Day At Chilton")

A Meathead Watches Gilmore Girls (“Cinnamon’s Wake” and “Rory’s Birthday Parties”)

Notes I should probably be titling things Gilmore girls since that’s the show’s official title, but I hate how it looks in the header. That lower case “g” is, frankly, maddening. “Cinnamon’s Wake” Get it? Like Finnegan’s Wake? Only it’s Cinnamon, the now deceased cat of Lorelai’s next-door neighbors. Let’s forget for a moment that all of…

A Meathead Watches Gilmore Girls (“Kill Me Now” and “The Deer Hunters”)

Notes I am absolutely floored by the response to the first post, which has been simultaneously energetic and incredibly weird. I don’t assume that this will continue but it is fun while it lasts. These seasons are twenty-plus episodes long. This will devolve into a bit of a grind, probably sooner rather than later. With…

A Meathead Watches Gilmore Girls ("Pilot" and "The Lorelais First Day At Chilton")

A Meathead Watches Gilmore Girls (“Pilot” and “The Lorelais First Day At Chilton”)

At the very outset, I must acknowledge the following: many of the women in my life consider Gilmore Girls to be among the greatest television shows ever created. These women – including my wife and numerous lifelong friends – share a passionate dedication to the show and its characters. I have heard for years about the…

Linda Holmes Discovers The Joy Of Bad Science Fiction Movies

One of NPR’s pop culture reviewers got the cinematic equivalent of nachos with extra cheese sauce the other day. It’s fun and tasty even though you know it’s not good for you. The reviewer seems like she has only just discovered the joy of Bad Cinema, but now she’s hooked. In particular she seems amazed that they got “Actual Actor John Heard” to pummel a foam rubber shark with a barstool. The way that works, of course, is that the Actual […]

Kathryn Bigelow Trolls Zero Dark Thirty Critics

Kathryn Bigelow’s op-ed in the L.A. Times rebutting criticisms of her film is about more than Zero Dark Thirty. The piece also demonstrates a tendency that’s only all to frequent when it comes to the upper echelons of cultural and political discourse. Bigelow manufactures accusations in order to easily rebuff them, ignoring the best critiques of Zero…

What (New) Documentaries Should People Watch?

I haven’t watched one in a while, and though I lean towards the political type, or those documentaries which depict the worst kinds of social injustice, I’m willing to take a spin outside my wheel house this time. So I thought I’d put a call out for great documentaries I and everyone else around these parts…