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Washington Redskins 74

They Who Must Not Be Named

Today I realized I’m tired of the fight over the “Redskins” name, tired of citing Ives Goddard, and tired of taking positions on the polls.

super bowl 2

Weekend Plans Post: The Big Game

The WrestleMania of Football happens this Sunday! So the question is “WHO IS THIRSTIER!?” and the answer is probably Kansas City.

Andrew Luck

The Perspective of Luck, or Lack Thereof

Sports and politics have that in common. People absolutely lose their minds over it, and their basic life skills and humanity tend to go with it.

WVU Football

A Very Welcome Victory

Sports are not a salve. That said, an unexpected win still manages to feel awfully damned good.

The Bowl Points System

One of the most thrilling BCS games I can remember was the 2007 Fiesta Bowl when an outmanned and outranked Boise State team upended the mighty Sooners. That’s the kind of thing I would want to see in an expanded playoff system. Not another chance for Georgia to blow a big lead against the Tide.

Michael Bennett’s Treatment Was (Un)Justified

The inability to recognize another person’s humanity is how it is that Michael Bennett ended up being handcuffed on the ground, after having been threatened.


Sick picks.


Looking to build on a big (invisible) week.


Don’t worry… your money is as safe with me as it is with Wells Fargo.


Week 2 losers!


Resident degenerate gambler Kazzy is confident he can lose you money.