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Series! World Series of the 1940’s

Since baseball in present time is on hold for the duration, let’s resume our travels through its past. We began post-WWII and proceeded through the Nationals’ first championship in 2019


Workin’ at the Pizza Shop

Symposium: Some of us just aren’t cut out for a career in America’s pizza-industrial complex


On Stealing First Base

What’s up with the Atlantic League experiments with the rules of baseball?

Strike Four: The Evolution of Baseball

This is my shameless self promotion post. I have mentioned previously that I had a book coming out. Well, it is out now. It is a history of the rules of baseball.

world series


A logic problem about baseball: best of all possible worlds.


What is Going on with Baseball?

With more strikeouts than hits, what, if anything, has changed? And what to do about it?

Are MLB teams tanking?

The difference between good tanking and bad tanking

The New Doctor

On casting Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor

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