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Capitol riot 4

Trumpism in a Nutshell

The deep thoughts of Thomas Webster, a Capitol rioter who attacked a police officer with a metal pole and attempted to gouge his eyes

Daniel Prude 58

Rochester, New York

The death of Daniel Prude in March has reignited protests in Rochester, New York, with the public release of body cam footage and suspension of the the officers involved.

portland, oregon 55

Portland, Oregon

The highly publicized ramping up of counter-protesting to the long-running Portland protests turned not only violent but deadly Saturday night.

Brett Kavanaugh 79

Paying the Tab for Peaceful Protest

Nothing the government does is free, even allowing you to protest. So learned a 18 year old in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

KEnosha 468

Kenosha, Wisconsin: Updated

Things have gone from bad, to worse, to deadly in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

protesters 13

The Worst Year

The old order has been shown for the lie it was. Putting things back the way they were is effectively impossible, and a new path forward must be made.