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Dawes North Hills 4

Saturday Spins: Dawes North Hills

Have you ever had the opener actually being better than the main act? While Dawes was performing, we knew they were something special then.

the beatles rubber soul 4

Saturday Spins: The Beatles Rubber Soul

I know I placed the “underrated” moniker on this album, but that is through the lens of a casual fan of the Beatles, not a fanatic.

Steve Earle's Ghosts of West Virginia 16

Saturday Spins: Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin III turned 50 years old on Monday. However, many of the songs contained herein are timeless classics.

Dan Auerbach 1

Saturday Spins: Dan Auerbach

An mix of rock, Americana, & 70’s style soul/psychedelic rock, from start to finish Dan Auerbach’s Waiting on a Song is truly a masterpiece.


Weekend Plans Post: Winding The Summer Down

When we run our 5Ks, our meeting time is 7PM. About a minute of stretching and then we’re off like a herd of turtles. Run up the one road road that isn’t quite abandoned,...


Saturday Spins: Bright Eyes

I texted my good friend and told him it sounded like early Bright Eyes, but with better production and sound engineering.


Weekend Plans Post: School Daze

School days, school days
Dear old golden rule days
Reading and writing’ and rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick

Texas Gentleman Floor It!!! 0

Sunday Spins: The Texas Gentlemen

Do you like Little Feat? The Band? Early Sir Elton John? Then you will for sure like this little band from Texas