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Recipes and also issues… sometimes both at once…


Let’s Abstain from Mandatory Calorie Counts

I – perhaps ironically – don’t think this is healthy. Life is for living. We’re here for a short time, so make it a good time. In isolation, calorie counts are of limited relevance here.


The Miracle Pot Pulled Pork Project

Believe it or not, you can make some amazing pulled pork in this thing. It’s not the same as bbq cooked for hours in a smoker, but it’s still pretty fantastic.

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Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Ordinary Sunday Brunch with Sunday Morning cultural links to stories about music, art, history, and food to read, share, and discuss.

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Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Ordinary Sunday Brunch is Ordinary Times cultural quick links for you enjoyment. This week; music, art, history, and food, with music to read, share, and discuss.


Club Sandwiches

Sandwiches are both yummy and apolitical.


Food Liberalism & The Death of the Pancake

Where one generation has honored traditions, the generation at hand is whimsical, unorthodox, and living in a fantasy world that may be likened to a saloon, gaining the reputation of “anything goes” over the years. But anything does not go. It shan’t not go.



That’s not how you do it.
This is how you do it.


3C Casserole (Chicken, Cheese, and Cauliflower)

So you say your significant other is sick with a sandpaper throat. Or, perhaps, you and your family are doing the low-carb thing and it’s winter. Have I got a recipe for you!


Idiocy, One-Third

Burt Likko nearly cheats on his abstention vows.

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