People often use the word "morale" as being trivial and an added frill but actually it is vitally important to the workings of society.

Being able to cooperate and work together, and most importantly, resolve conflicts peaceably depends on people having a sense of camaraderie and kinship. Having a level of trust in authority is essential to accepting hardship.

So yeah, a national leader like a Reagan after Challenger or Bush after 9-11 or Obama after Newtown contributes to this.

November 3 can't come soon enough.

I agree with you and Saul. People are already starting to break quarantine and best practices.

Which indicates to me that it is increasingly likely that we will develop a culture similar to pre-modern cultures where we just accept high rates of death and suffering.

Person: "I can't live wearing a mask for two years!"
Virus: "Your offer is accepted."