The mask is fine. Lots of stuff is fine for now. The question is how long does it continue to be fine for. Whole sectors of the economy are essentially shut down for the foreseeable future. We may see a tidal wave of evictions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. School should not reopen in the fall but there are going to be huge issues with children getting subpar instruction probably.

Not to mention all the social effects of delayed and canceled weddings, birthday parties, vacations, etc.

All the stuff that makes life enjoyable seems to be locked in a box right now. Maybe it will come back sooner than I think but the idea of all the things making life enjoyable being locked in a box have not been seen since what? WWII? Even then, there was a lot done to keep morale up as much as possible along with the sense of community and sacrifice. The thing about a pandemic is that the best message is "Life is going to suck for the next 1.5-4 years. Sorry."

The big push for a vaccine is because I suspect almost everyone knows that the current way of life around most of the world is untenable for another 18-24 month. This is something I get into a lot of arguments with people on my side politically. We have been doing shelter in place for four months now in California. The current situation in the United States and maybe the rest of the world feels like a limbo of not quite being in quarantine but not being open either. From what I've read, there are flares of second waves going up in the rest of the world.

There is a few I see on my leftier quarters of the internet that we should do shelter in place/stay at home until there is a vaccine. What is never said in these arguments is how long it needs to last? What if it takes 18-24 months to do a vaccine? 36-48 months? I am someone who takes the virus seriously but it seems psychologically unrealistic to expect life to continue like this for another year and a half to four years. Or maybe more.

I wonder if part of it is the introvert's revenge (I don't think most people who spend time on internet comment boards are super extroverts) and politics ("down with the current way of life").

Basically, I think almost everyone thinks this sucks and wants life to get back to normal ASAP. No one wants to ask tough questions about COVID as being endemic.