You've been saying that since the lockdown began.

Thanks Michael. Fascinating stuff. So fascinating that I watched a video of Kasparov's sixth game against Deep Blue in '97. Dude obviously shouldn't have left his knight at risk like that. Rookie mistake. I saw it a mile away. :)

In all seriousness though, the video I watched explained pretty well the "mistakes' Kasparov made, which, given the opponent, was pretty interesting.

I know nothing about chess.

How do computers do against high stakes poker players?

Depends on the content of your comments and how trollworthy they are.

the political establishment realized they needed to do stuff to keep up moral on the home front during World War II.

Dearest Mollie!

People are already starting to break quarantine and best practices.

A story told in two headlines:

June 19: Colorado bars can reopen this weekend for up to 50 people

June 30: Gov. Jared Polis closes Colorado bars again after coronavirus cases increase

11 days apart!

My hobby community has been negatively impacted by Covid-19

More than 40% of US renters are at risk of eviction

And I bet some of those people are introverts too.

Consider this: the Introverts *created* covid in one of their nerdy little labs to get righteous revenge on their mortal enemy the Extroverts.

It's possible!

I'll just say this, anecdotally: Deep Blue was over twenty years ago.

I wonder if part of it is the introvert’s revenge

Recycling the oldies but goodies I see.