I expect we will see many more stories like this happening fast.

The reason why Dr. Fauci is popular is because he is providing the morale that Trump or even the politicians on our side side can not or well not do. I'm not sure why but a lot of politicians on the Covid-19 is serious side seem to be in crack down rather we can get through this together mode.

Do you have something relevant to say or are you just going to troll?

At least in the United States, United Kingdom, and Commonwealth countries; the political establishment realized that they needed to do stuff to keep up moral on the home front during World War II. It helped that they weren't dealing with a communicable disease that made doing group social interaction hard.

For some reason, most of the current state of politicians seems to not feel the need to build moral. This is true for both the Covid-19 deniers and skeptics for obvious reasons. Even for those that are taking Covid-19 seriously, the over all message seems to be take your medicine populace rather than we are all in this together. Maybe you need that for a pandemic. Maybe not. It's what we are getting though.

Infectious disease pandemics disappeared from the Western world with the polio vaccine. The last pandemic like Covid-19 was the 1918 flu pandemic. The worlds of the early and mid-20th century might not be as advanced as the current one but it was a modern culture rather than a pre-modern one.

My point was that eventually you are going to need to use some real force to get everybody to go along with beating the virus. I also think Saul is right that you can't keep things going until the vaccine appears if that time period is over two years away from March 2020. The global population isn't going to put their lives on hold for that long.

Part of the reason why I expect nobody wants to deal with Covid-19 being endemic is that medical science and public health believes it not only has tools to lower the intensity of the pandemic, they have an obligation to. The idea of asking what happens if Covid-19 becomes an endemic is simply a sign of defeat. It means going back to when infectious diseases where a part of life that people learned to deal with rather than something rare. I suspect that ordering a total change until when a vaccine appears seems more humane to people than having the world learn to live with Covid-19.

That doesn't make it untrue.

It's more than just wearing a mask. It is the idea that we can basically prevent people from going on with their lives for an extended period of time. People are social animals and like doing things in the with other people, touching, going out, and having fun, etc. Saying no big weddings, concerts, or other social events for a long time is going to be a bit much without some real force behind it. Stories of what are basically Covid-19 speakeasies and people getting in trouble for having parties in their own home have become common.

My hobby community has been negatively impacted by Covid-19 since partner dancing is not something you can socially distance for. All dance events have been cancelled for the rest of the year. People's skills are going to decrease because of lack of practice. Even when things get back to normal, most of the studios are going to loose their spaces. The entire thing is going to have to be rebuilt from scratch or something to it. That might not be possible. So its more than waiting for the virus to pass because of a vaccine. There is going to be months of work that needs to be done to rebuild the community before even a social dance can start again. I'm not sure that people are going to stand for this.