that's the American approach. Spaniards are not really that way.

probably - though Spain's shift the last 20 years to mostly autonomous regional governance has not been devoid of problems. Frankly I still expect the Basques and Catalans to break away fully in the next decade or so.

so housing in Spain is a different beast. In cities like Seville and Madrid there is a lot of densified housing - akin to American style coop buildings and condos. Cities have sprawled out, and do include single family residential developments that Americans would recognize, but its not yet on the scale we might see in say Denver. Most of the inner city is old (like hundreds of years old) residential and small scale mixed retail, and not subject to redevelopment.

The countryside is a real mix of traditional family owned villas and compounds and new development, but not in a planned sense. so the issues are not so much on supply and demand.