Would you support it without single payer?

Would you support getting rid of employer-based health insurance?

Really? I assume that everyone hates their insurance, but they're comfortable with the illusion that someone else is paying the ion's share.

I have an odd thought about his. I don't know how to describe it, but here goes.

Observation 1: If one party favors a policy, and the other one opposes it, that policy would get implemented if the pro- party gained enough of the right offices. Shoving the policy down the opponents' throats could become a rallying cry.

Observation 2: In a healthy political environment, the policies that both sides support are considered low-hanging fruit. They make their way through as individual laws, or part of some big compromise legislation.

Sick Thought: Getting rid of employer-based health insurance would be easier if one side opposed getting rid of it. It's too momentous to be tucked away in some other bill, but it's also too reasonable to build a groundswell and trample over opponents.

If you take something like abortion or gun laws, there are reasonable laws that 95% of the population would accept, but they'll never get through because an active voting bloc would consider it a major loss. On this issue, there's no such hardcore base, but legislators act the same as if there were.

I think this is everyone's second-favorite reform idea. It actually might be my first. But it would take a lot of political will to achieve.

So, the only true Christians are the ones who agree with you politically?