Ahem, it's possible the volume is in the rare books collection. They should ask an archivist for more information :)

ThTh2 [video about masks]: I liked that video, but there's one thing I'd like it to be clearer on and another thing is a misstep I see such public health efforts do a lot.

More information: At about 3:50, the presenter says masks can be too tight. He says a simple test is whether you can blow out a candle from about a foot away. So....if you can blow it out, is it too tight or not night enough?

Misstep: At 7:30, the presenter "answers" concerns about whether masks will deprive the wearer of oxygen, and he indulges the tried and frustrating "that's a myth." He assures us that several studies have been done on doctors who wear masks all day. Well, good for the doctors, but did none of them have problems? What about people with breathing problems generally? Have there been any studies with them, too? (Yes, some of the doctors probably have breathing conditions.) And even if studies have been done, there's an underlying concern that the presenter (and probably the studies) don't answer: Some people find it difficult to breathe with masks on even if theoretically they're getting enough oxygen.

I harp on that point not only because it's a piece of information I would like to have and the issue is underexplored (or underacknowledged int he video). I also harp on it because "that's a myth" functions as a way to silence what are often legitimate concerns. When you raise a concern and someone says, "that's a myth," that's a sign that someone is about to not listen to, acknowledge, or address your concern. In my experience (anecdotal, etc., etc.), much of the time, maybe even a majority of the time, there's at least a kernel of legitimate concern that the myth-busting proof doesn't address.

I'm not saying people do the "myth" trope with the INTENTION of silencing concerns. But I do suggest that's what the myth trope does.

Could you elaborate on what cell memory is, if you have the time? (I spent four whole seconds trying to google it and came up with nothing.)

If you don't have time, that's fine. But I'm curious.