Comments on From Freddie deBoer: Ending the Charade by Michael Drew in reply to Jaybird

I had to fight off the urge to tweet that I felt she should reproduce a lot of what she was getting, partly to call them out, bring Twitter's attention to them, and partly so people get a sense of what people apparently have to live with day in and day out on Twitter.

But also partly to show us the goods on it. Because she frankly has not been coming off as entirely trustworthy through all of this to me.

But I managed to get myself simply to say that it's awful, and no one who signed the letter or is broadly supportive of the concept of the letter wanted her to experience any of that. (Which I am quite confident is true, including of Jesse Singal.)

This ^ (JB's point)

Jay, would you want to put up a separate post featuring Liz’s like this one just to achieve a nice kind of balance: two formers of ours writing two of the best essays I’ve seen about this moment, rebutting each other almost as if it was planned that way?

2nding Greg that Liz’s piece is a great companion to Freddie‘s. That’s coming from someone who sees it more like Freddie does.

Not that too many important people are tracking how we handle this, but I think just because of the opportunity for a pleasing symmetry (two prominent former OT/League mainstays weighing in with almost perfect balance on a topic du hour), I think it would be good to get a sidebar post like this up featuring Liz’s piece.

Can I get some 2nds on that?