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Yep, I'm the one who didn't get it (or the DK reference...)

I think it makes more sense if you happened to see him publicly commenting about not being able to publicly comment on what he meant.

Here I'd post a meaningful meme .gif that captured my befuddled state of mind.

It's a status thing.

I auto-delete after a year.

Imagine how important I'd be if I had to delete every two days.

Heh, I think I know what Denim is and I think I know what suede is...Denim Suede?

Me [Googles] Denim Suede
Google: you must mean Suede Denim
Me: I must
Google: Dead Kennedys reference
Me: Wait what? Huh, I guess maybe I just pretended to like that one song for that one girl.
Still me: those jackets just look like suede jackets... I'm have no idea what's going on anymore.
Ongoing Me: So, about Integralism...