I've seen people assert that we ask the cops to deal with social problems. I don't think that's true. We just don't deal with the social problems. Cops have a place in dealing with some issues like DV. Resources to help DV survivors are often meager. The cops do their part but can't help with housing, counseling, transpo or shelter. Cops can arrest drunk drivers but they can't/don't/ aren't supposed to provide drug treatment.

I'm completely on board with that. People with power need oversight. They can't design their own oversight and set the rules to protect themselves.

Well yeah there is that. Gotta get rid of teachers and janitors unions to fix the cops.

Urmmm i've seen repeatedly people pounding on "get rid of unions" or "get rid of qi." Yeah thats fine and sounds like the One Simple Trick thing. I've lost track of how many times people think of a hashtag as the entire basis for an argument never getting into the various nuances. Thinking of numerous discussions of BLM and Believewomen etc. To be fair maybe i'm just letting the inveterate conversation distractors get in the way. But you go to blog with the peeps you got.


This is an interesting description of a bit of insanity. Good stuff. I'll echo what a couple people have said above is that changing QI should happen and won't be a silver bullet. There is no One Simple Trick to changing cops. Defang QI or neutering cop unions might help. But complex problems involving resistant to change organizations require complex solutions. Those solutions will need years of constant attention to take root.

One fear i have of how getting rid of QI fails is that we see a flood of clearly nonsense harassment lawsuits against cops which leads to an outcry to give them back their damn QI. The flood of pro violent cop movies in the 70's exemplified by Dirty Harry were, among other things, a response to the variety of laws restraining cops including civil rights laws. QI needs to be heavily curtailed at the least but it is not a cure all and we need to do it well.