To further illustrate try doing a thought experiment where George Floyd being killed wasn't caught on camera. Say instead it was simply reported by bystanders. What do you think the chances are Chauvin would be subject to any sort of discipline right now, much less criminal charges? I'd say extremely low. It's quite possible he'd already be cleared by some sham investigation process and back on the street, with the litany of usual excuses fed to Floyd's relatives. That is if they even bothered to address it at all.

This was the experience for years before everyone was walking around with the the ability to record video in their pocket. So yes, there are some misconceptions and I hope we don't screw up the policy because of them. But those misperceptions are entirely the fault of the police.

I actually agree with a lot of what you're saying here. What I think you may be missing is how it got this way, which is the decades of botched SWAT raids, use of law enforcement to collect taxes, and petty violations of rights that for a huge number of socioeconomic and policy reasons are endlessly more visible and to some degree more prevalent in poorer, more urban, minority parts of the country. Unfortunately I think we've passed the place where we can get to the policy approach without the cops eating some serious crow. It's not like we're dealing with institutions with good reputations for accountability and professionalism. On the contrary, many of the misconceptions you're talking about are driven by the whole 'nothing to see here/you can't expect us to be responsible for anything' attitude from law enforcement, no matter how ridiculous the incident in question is.

That's a really interesting question and it made me look back. As best as I can tell the answer is no he never made that specific assertion.

The more I look the more it seems like people really projected a lot onto him. Maybe I'm freestyling myself right out of the discussion but it makes me chuckle at the state of America. Like can we as a culture really not handle something so milquetoast? We have got to get out of our own heads.

Per Wikipedia his 2014 contract was $126 million with $54 million guaranteed. Assuming his finances were managed properly he was already at a point where he never had to work again.

There are certainly some cultural insights from so many jumping to the least charitable interpretation possible of any dissent displayed during Pentagon funded recruiting displays spontaneous shows of patriotism at sporting events.

He allegedly asked $20 million to play in the AAF which didn't even make it through its first and only season before it ran out of money. It isn't clear to me how much to make of that without a lot of context.

He had signed a pretty large contract going into the 2014 season after a good 2013 and leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012 when Alex Smith was concussed midway through the season. However he never lived up to the 2014 contract (in addition to mediocre play he had durability/injury concerns). He was benched for Blaine Gabbert by 2 coaching regimes, then walked after Kyle Shanahan supposedly made noise about releasing him for scheme reasons as part of his rebuild. He hasn't played since.

Obviously I am not an NFL GM but I think his realistic value is in the neighborhood of RG3's deal with the Ravens. So approx. $1 mil per year as a backup with incentives on a team that does a lot of read option offense.

He had been benched when this started. You have to have a lot of talent to overcome any sort of distraction. He was serviceable as a running QB but never was at that truly elite level.

And I say that as someone who agrees with him at least that the issue presents a problem. Also think the patriotic stuff at ball games has been farcical for going on 20 years now.