To go ahead and add to this: No police officer, EMT, public servant, or person in the whole US is trained, taught, encouraged, or in any way told that "holding someone down so they don't have a seizure" is a thing one does.

What you just said was the equivilant of Chauvin cutting Floyd's throat on live TV, and then claiming he was only trying to get the drugs out of his system "by letting all the drug tainted blood out. It's sad he died, but I was only trying my best to help him medically"

THAT is how effing stupid that statement is, and I don't think you believe it's true -- yet you're pushing that BS anyways. Pathetic.

"If Chauvin did tell his fellow officer that he was holding Floyd on his stomach so he didn’t go into seizures,"

Hi! I have seizure disorder, and have had it my whole life.

What you just said there? That is such absolute BS that I cannot fathom anyone smart enough to spell their own name falling for it.

One does not "hold someone down" to prevent seizures. It won't prevent seizures. One does not hold someone down to "help" with seizures -- you're just going to make the damage worse. (For the record, you also don't put something in their mouth). Restraints for seizures are ONLY for when the patient might injure themselves worse than the injuries they will sustain from you holding them down (such as falling from a height, seizing near moving machinery, etc) or to hold them down for an injection -- after which they're released to let the medicine do it's work.

No one in the midst of a seizure can speak. Floyd was speaking. There is no mistaking a seizure. Floyd was not having one.

I really cannot stress enough how incredibly, deeply, amazingly stupid the phrase " he was holding Floyd on his stomach so he didn’t go into seizures" is, and how incredibly, deeply, amazingly stupid someone would have to be to believe that someone meant it.

The incestuous relationship between police and prosecutors is a problem. I'm not entirely sure how to solve it, unless you build an entire police and prosecutor force whose sole job is to police the police.

The problem isn't unions, the problem isn't even local governance. The problem is American culture. The police do this because we, as a society, wanted them to. For generations.

We wanted them to put the boot in to those who 'forgot their place'. Minorities, hippies, dumb college kids,gays, etc. They were the enforcers not just of laws, but of cultural norms. Those beatings and occasional murders were meant to send a message -- keep your heads down, respect your betters, do as you're told.

Problem is, they're supposed to do it in dark alleys, where the occasional accident can be covered up.

Can't do that anymore thanks to cellphones -- we all get to see the ugly -- and society has changed so much that there's no monolithic 50's idyllic white society cultural norms to enforce -- the white wall of silent approval, of "he had it coming, he shouldn't have done that" is far less powerful.

So police brutality is popping up more and more, and drawing more and more anger from the groups that traditionally could be called upon to support the cops, because cops were enforcing those traditional social norms because those groups are splintering on not just what those norms are, but over the very idea that people should be forced to adhere to them (laws yes, cultural norms NO).

Which has folded into the militarization of the police, who feel under assault -- not just by criminals (they've been trained to be more and more afraid of criminals and to act more and more violently from the get-go, a policing culture of fear) but by the folks that "should be supporting them" -- so they're lashing out at the 'disrespect' and 'challenge to their authority' because they're feeling pressured in ways that they're not used to, and they don't like it.

The problem with American policing is that we trained them, for generations, to use these methods to enforce unspoken rules of society. Then we stopped agreeing on what those rules even were, and started getting mad they were doing it at all, and started criticizing them -- a group whose training tells them they are heroes whose lives are under 24/7 danger from every human being within 20 feet of them at all times, and that they are all that stands between America and chaos. Which is why they're getting a new tank.