It's kinda funny because, in my noodling with pasta, I've found that different brands make *VERY* different shells and *VERY* different spirals and even pretty different macaroni. And, yeah, Barilla is the best. (I've tried a handful of brands that I'd never have tried before and Delallo is good enough for me to recommend.)

Spaghetti, however, is a lot alike across brands.

But being unable to get *MY* spaghetti? That turned it from being something I kinda wanted into a Mission.

If you could see his lips moving, I'm guessing it's likely that you could see his throat.

If you could see his throat, then I'm giving it 70-30 odds that you could see his shoulders.

Which means that you could see whether he was wearing a shirt (and he probably was).

I'm gonna stick with Skype.

I've given updates on mute. I then had to give them again.

Whole Foods had their own brand of hippie-dippy disinfecting wipes available. We got a tube.

Another good indicator.

Like, a two person who are dating inflatable pool or, like, 4 people who have met before pool or what?

It sucks that it was unsatisfying. I find that interactions with others are greatly improved by food.

The whole "isolation" thing is getting to me as well. I have belched loudly in the middle of online meetings. I didn't mean to! It's just that I'm listening to someone drone on and on about the TPS coversheet and I had a ginger ale a few minutes ago and things just sort of happen.

So I'm going to have to retrain myself to only burp when management is not around again.

Mom is moving. She's moving out of her "empty nest" condo into a "mom, you need to stop going up and down stairs all the time" ranch-style gramma-appropriate house.

Which means that she's spending a lot of time with my sister and nephews packing. Sigh.