Dark Matter: “we had an always-heavily-armed end of the world survivalist determined to go down with guns blazing.”

DensityDuck: if your threat model is John Fucking Rambo then you’re gonna need something more than a dude with a Glock to handle it.

Real world means no plot armor. This guy was gunned down by a few cops with handguns. I have no idea if that means "Glock".

There needs to be a way to deal with that situation other than assuming it won't happen.

Dark Matter: “when the next school shooting happens, you’re cool with them mowing down people until they run out of bullets because we don’t want the police killing people?”
DensityDuck: what if there’s a bomb and the terrorist we captured is the only one who knows where it is and he refuses to talk?

This isn't a "what if" game. We have roughly as many mass shootings as we do police killings. They're common enough that we'll have more this year. Do you expect the police to step in or not?

If not, then you're making tradeoffs. If your plan is that mass murderers will be impressed by us disarming the police and will follow the law, then I don't think that will work.

Except that we don’t think that’s a trade-off, we do think that the optimal level of “police killing suspects” is either zero or so close to it that deaths are genuine accidents and not specific decisions by officers.

This is not realistic given what we expect the police to do, nor the rest of the culture(s).

Locally we had an always-heavily-armed end of the world survivalist determined to go down with guns blazing. That wasn't a problem until he started committing crimes and his relatives asked the police to enforce the law.

We have the occasional school shooter and/or terrorist. We have suicide by cop. We have people who get high, attack the police and try to take their guns. Half of the white people killed by the police are mentally ill.

It's unclear how many people would still be alive in a world with reformed police, but that number isn't all of them. It might not even be a quarter. We have roughly as many people die at the hands of the police as we have mass shooters.

I support police reform. I also expect most of the inequality-dealing-with-law-enforcement problems still exist after we're done because they have nothing to do with the cops.

“maybe we don’t want patrol forces to constantly have access to deadly weapons and dispensation to use them”.

So when the next school shooting happens, you're cool with them mowing down people until they run out of bullets because we don't want the police killing people?

Derek Michael Chauvin, age 44, had been a police officer in the Minneapolis Police Department since 2001.[28][29] He had 18 complaints on his official record, two of which resulted in discipline including official letters of reprimand.[30] He had been involved in three police shootings, one of them fatal.[28][31][32] Chauvin was awarded medals of valor in 2006 and 2008 for incidents in which he fired at suspects, and in 2008 and 2009 received commendations for pursuing suspects.[33][34]


So... yet another complaint and yet another official letter of reprimand?

The implication from that phrasing is that blacks are especially vulnerable to this because of their skin colour rather than than because of their socio-economic status.

What do we need to do to fix this? Is it "end police racism"? Or is it more, "restructure the entire economic system"? I was listening to NPR and although the "experts" where using phrases that described the former, their solutions were the later.

IMHO we will be doing very well if we just end Blue Privilege. That would mean Mr Knee is held accountable and the Floyds of the US get justice. It also means people like Mike Brown (of Ferguson) still end up dying on the streets in numbers activists consider shocking.

So approx. $1 mil per year as a backup with incentives on a team that does a lot of read option offence.

So if he's making more than a million a year because of taking a knee, he came out ahead.

And that's without thinking about football players ageing out of their careers a lot faster than activists.

His wiki said he wanted $20 million to work for a team when it was implied he was worth FAR less.

He was worth more as a fired football player than a failed one.

I don't watch football, and as such never saw him take a knee. When I heard about it at the time I thought it was just a matter of time before he was fired.

You can be right on the issue and still be justly fired because the company doesn't want their PR machine being used for your personal agenda.

He's a very high profile activist, and that's a fine profession. Football cares about advancing the cause of football. Those two things are only at odds if he insists on them being at odds, but he did insist.