I grew up eating Creamettes, which I guess is an East-of-the-Mississippi brand, and I admit there have been a couple times when I was up visiting my parents in the past 20 years that I saw it in the store, and if I was otherwise a little emotionally vulnerable, I would tear up a little bit.

I mostly buy Barilla when I can get it, though sometimes I've had to settle for Skinner ("SKIN-NER!!!!") or American Beauty, neither of which seem very good to me but that could 100% be because I had to "settle" for them.

For egg noodles, Manischewitz or nothing, and once I run through the last bag I bought in the before-times, it will likely be "nothing" because none of the local stores sell them and driving an hour's round-trip into a county with 3x our infection rate just to go to the Kroger seems kind of unwise

(Found an online source but can only get them as a case lot of 12 bags, and even for me, that's a LOT of noodles to use up)

He actually got up to check on something, so he was even wearing trousers.

I was in a Zoom meeting where three of us simultaneously shouted YOU'RE ON MUTE!!! at the fourth when his lips started moving and we got no sound......

Hm. Now I have an idea for what might be (or might not be) a mildly amusing Zoom prank.

I should probably, uh, unfish my habitat (clean). It's gotten bad again. Other than that, IDEK. It's going to be death-hot here this weekend so I doubt I will even go out to mow the lawn.

I had a couple tiny bits of human interaction (a "distanced" meeting outdoors of a group I am in, and something for university today) and they were both stressful and unsatisfying and I am wondering if either I am misremembering interactions with other people as being more enjoyable than they actually are, or if I've just been so broken by isolation that I can't cope with other people any more.

Maybe Sunday if I clean house tomorrow, I bake some bread or something. I have become some kind of weird hybrid of a Hobbit and Laura Ingalls Wilder - obsessed with mealtimes and food, mostly barefoot, and it's a major production to go into town for anything....