U.S. Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000

At this point, that talking point is just bullshit. At it is really sad that you keep repeating it, thinking it still works.

Why, is she saving the flushes for her own bullshit?

'cause there is a lot of it.

But they gained ground in the Senate. That is the qualifier for a wave.

And you are right about '18 seats lost. But we shall see.

You lost ground in the Senate.

No Wave.

Anyway, Biden has the problem of, well as you put it, being 3rd choice. He was never anyone's first pick, but he was a recognizable name. Thus, place holder.

But hey! Keep up the school spirit!

Biden has no supporters, not in the real sense. As I, and many others around here, have said, he is just a place holder for generic Dem. That is why his numbers have been falling faster than a falling star, as he was a recognizable name. And I am not just assigning his supporters to the Progressive wing, I am assigning them to whom ever wins the primary. Those are the people who are gonna vote D (if they bother to vote) no matter the final choice. Low-info but generically pull the lever for Democrats.

One of the issues I have with the leftward story about '18 that the never take into account midterm politics, which are always local. There is no national conversation to that election, unlike the presidential race. In other words, Trump and whomever is on the left side of the dial aren't on the ticket, but the lady running for county commissioner is. And combining that with the lack of a wave in the last midterm, tells me that it was nothing to really do with Trump, but that it was who is gonna get the local spoils. (You can tell it wasn't a wave as the left lost ground in the Senate.)

As far as Bernie goes, I think his policy ideas are destructive, demeaning, and downright stupid, but I do think he is the only honest candidate on the left. The rest are a bunch of hucksters and grifters at this point.


Joe isn't a candidate, he is a place holder. And while I think you can get the "women's" vote for Warren, they still go to Berne after the fall and the remaining aren't going to Bloomberg. That leaves PETE! to get them, who will have the same thing happen to him.

All the dominoes falling lead to a progessive party at this point.

The 2018 moderates will get trounced by Trumps machine, as that 61% econimic approval will play out with those districts as the party reforms around The Bern.

No. Bernie is polling at 27.8, and Warren is at 12.3. Her votes will go to him as the progressive wing solidifies its hold.

PETE is at 10.3, Special K at 6.4. Both are dropping like stones. Bloomberg is at 16.1 That is the falling centrist vote. And as the NYT even admits, the party moved left under Obama. There might have been room at the start of the race, but they are all done as the left Feels The Bern.

Biden's numbers will go to whomever wins this particular race, as he is just a place holder for generic D.

(All numbers come from RealClearPolitics.)

Bloomberg will be out before too long. There is no room left in the D tent for anyone that centrist. Its why PETE and Special K are flailing (Biden was just a place holder)

There just isn't any lane for that type of moderate centrist at this point. Which is deeply sad. Hugely.

The opposing party is going to try to eviscerate you on every position you take. That is why they are an opposing you. The trick is to make them look worse in the doing.