I've read pieces from lifelong Democrats who went and they say they're a blast, and everybody there gives Democrats extra hugs. Based on the data from recent rallies, about 25% of the turnout is probably Democrats.

Also, Trump rallies might be some of the last large public gatherings before corona virus turns the country into an apocalyptic B movie staring Sandra Bullock, Emily Blunt, Woody Harrelson, and featuring Sissy Spacek as the wise old woman who warned everybody that hugs would be the death of us all.

Well, there's certainly a lot of magical thinking involved. ^_^

So she's going to shutter the sock factories (because they're capitalist) and just use magic to make the socks?

It reminds me of a joke Soviets told. Ivan and Tasha see their neighbor Vladimir trudging through shin-deep mud with just one boot on. They holler "Vlad, you've lost a boot!" Vlad grins back and joyously hollers "No comrades! I have found one!"

Perhaps Democrats should eschew advice on economic policy that comes from writers of woke fantasy shows.

In 2010, the Republicans picked up 6 Senate seats and 63 House seats.

In 2018, even though they lost 41 House seats, Republicans picked up 2 Senate seats.

And of course a great many of the 2018 House seats the Democrats picked up were thrown away on Nancy's impeachment fiasco.

That's a good illustration of Warren being a moron. Working class people can do financial math really well, and it they were faced with losing 6% a year of their capital, they'd make that lump of capital disappear before the government could get a hold of it.

If faced with losing 6% a year, Adelson's money wouldn't go to the government, it would end up in Switzerland or Japan or China or some bank in the Caymans. Every big pot of money would do the same, effectively de-capitalizing the US economy as all the assets get sent overseas. Everybody would pull their money out of the stock market because the ROI would be negative, and then stock prices would plunge, and we'd have another Great Depression with 40% unemployment. Tax revenues would of course plummet. Even sanitation workers can game this out, but Warren apparently can't.

Biden needs a very strong showing to keep his prospects alive. After two abysmal results, he's bleeding support, especially minority support in his firewall states, where Sanders is catching up to him. He needs to be attacked by the other candidates and then handily repel those attacks, to show he's got what it will take to stand up to Trump in later debates. Absent that, a lot of big money folks aren't going to be confident enough to open their wallets, and Biden will continue to lag in fundraising. He's looking very weak and hardly being involved in the fireworks doesn't help him.

Warren is widely regarded as the winner, but a different take from the other side of the aisle is that she turned the debate into a raging dumpster fire that left no survivors. None. Maybe her frustrations compelled her to set off a bomb in the Fuhrerbunker, but cutting all the candidates off at the knees may prove a decisive mistake for herself and her party.

And of course in the zeal to destroy Bloomberg, the rest of the field, along with the audience, ended up booing capitalism. Trump probably can't stop laughing.