President Bernie might, oh, personally direct government aid to favored industries to pick winners and losers:

"President Trump vows new farm bailouts as China purchases appear weaker than promised"

President Bernie might shower his favored constituents with cash from the Treasury in the form of tax cuts, thereby exploding the budget deficit.

Truly, such a madman should never be allowed near the levers of power.

GW Bush and Trump have obliterated any credibility of the "Republicans are good stewards of the economy" schtick.

She's going to open up the coal mines, and make it so you only have to flush once.

She's going to drain the swamp and strike back at the elites.

Trump's strength is that he is amazingly adept at seizing the headlines, every day, and turning nearly any occasion or issue- the Superbowl, Christmas, wildfires, a school shooting- into a story about himself.

Its also his weakness. Trump is the dominant thing on everyone's mind, every day and every election from Senator to dogcatcher revolves around him.

His other strength is that he has a hard floor. No matter what he does, there is a large number of people who will vote for him regardless.

His other weakness is that he has a solid ceiling; No matter what he does, or is able to bring himself to do, he hasn't been able to enlarge his base by any significant measure.

I don't think anyone is voting on issues this November. It will be a battle of turnout and enthusiasm.

She may be a long shot to win...but nevertheless, she persisted:
"Warren Trolls Sheldon Adelson With Ad In His Newspaper Criticizing His Wealth"

"The ad, which comes days before the Nevada caucuses, says that Adelson would pay $2.3 billion under Warren’s wealth tax in the first year, which amounts to less than 6 percent of Adelson’s net worth of $39.6 billion.

The ad also claims that with the “small wealth tax,” more money would go toward Nevada families when it comes to issues such as student debt and child care."

This surprised me:
“There is a high level of interest in voting in this primary, suggesting there could be record turnout. If this pans out, it is likely to include a relatively high share of Latino voters, a group that is particularly friendly to Sanders,” said Murray. The survey findings are based on a likely voter screen that results in an electorate that is 49% non-Hispanic white, 31% Hispanic, 11% black, and 7% Asian."

I wouldn't have imagined Sanders being a top pick of Latino voters, since the stereotypical Berner is a white college educated male.
But maybe this shows the gap between the online people and real people.

I think we should also remember that the difference between the "moderate" Dems and "Progressive" Dems is vanishingly small. M4A versus a public option, that sort of thing. The narcissism of small differences.

But the gulf between Dems and Republicans is vast, and the desire to turn out Trump is a lot more potent than the desire to see any one candidate win the nomination.

If you look at places like Virginia and California, the legislatures there aren't rabidly progressive, but are moving pretty effectively on things that please the progressives.

From a legislative standpoint a Klobuchar Administration probably wouldn't be dramatically different than a Sanders Administration. Regardless of who wins the nomination, I don't see any Dems sitting at home because of it.