Comments on Getting to Ten Times Better by JS

Of American billionaires? About half total inherited or were given at least a million in start-up capital. About half of those (21% or so of the total) were born on home plate, as it were -- given or inherited their first billion.

So depends on where you define "third base" -- if it's "Born to wealthy enough parents that they can give you your first million" then half.

The first step to being a billionaire is, of course, to be born the child of one. If you cannot manage this, endeavor to be born the child of millionaires closing in on that billion.

A surprising percentage of "self-made millionaires/billionaires" started on third base, as it were. Although I suppose to make the metaphor apt, they started the 9th inning ahead 100-0, and the opposing team is blindfolded.