As with the Warren-Bernie spat, it’s a sign that we are moving toward a bitter fight between the populist wing of the party and the establishment wing.

I'm not following. Warren and Sanders are both from the populist wing.

Also, I want to draw attention to the fact that you referred to Warren by her last name and Sanders by his first, and are not the first to do so. There were claims a few years back that referring to Clinton as "Hillary" was sexist, so it's worth pointing out that the opposite happens, as well.

I always have trouble keeping track of which gender-based slurs mark one as a troglodyte and likely fascist, and which gender-based slurs mark one as enlightened.

It could be her being bitter about 2016. Or it could just be that she, quite reasonably, sees Sanders and his toxic ideology and cult of personality as a threat to both the Democratic Party and the country.