if the Right has never gotten it right the how the hell can you Make America Great Again? That implies America having gotten it right at some prior point to which a return is needed.

many claim they only reluctantly did. I have never really bought into such claims mind you, but it is a part of the myth of the 2016 election.

well I haven't missed an election of any size since I was 18 so in my case you are barking up the wrong tree.

My point is rank and file folks don't trust the polling and so far are energized to vote regardless of whether the DNC pulls its head out of its rear and actually backs a candidate with something more then I'm Not Trump.

Um no - its based on actual head counts in the form of voter rolls and such.

Turmp's insistence that his inauguration attendance was greater then any other president, but most especially Obama was based on his won ego, and easily refuted with photographs.

There's also the minorly inconvenient fact that cuts to earned benefit spending won't actually impact discretionary spending or the deficit as earned benefits are not coming out of the same revenue stream. Add in the fact that no one has proposed cutting the earned benefits revenue stream. all that sums up to yet another attempt by rich old white men to deny things to people who paid for them, so they can continue to lie about the impacts of their tax cuts for rich old white men.

This is probably the only true statement you have made on this thread:

"Democrats might win, but they’d best not use rosy scenarios to mislead themselves into thinking it will be easy. They did that last time and it didn’t work out well for them."

Hillary lost because the polls were not translated into get out the voter activities in the midwest. Everyone got cozy and lazy. Rank and file democrats and left leaning voters have no interest in making that mistake again, regardless of how badly the DNC performs.

you know, if you support Trump but won't say you support Trump you are a coward. Pure and simple. And yeah, I'll judge you for that all day long.

Ah yes crowd attendance . . . Trump's first lie as president.

More so then Republicans, Democrats have concentrated on the White House almost exclusively since Clinton. They have no bench depth in governorships, and in fact ceded way too many states to Republicans over the last 15 or so years to be believed. Thus what alternatives do exist in national Democratic politics are mostly in the Senate - and too many of those folks should really have stayed where they are to being with. Its telling how few Democratic governors there are, much less how many have chosen to run, and that two mayors have garnered so much attention (though in Bloomberg's case he can afford to buy his attention).

I still believe the Republican field fell away because there were too many to start with, and none of them really stood up to trump because they all knew his base was their base, and they valued Republican branded power more the anything. You have to remember he won the nomination by winning pluralities in a crowded field. He never had a majority.

Among things auguring for Trump's failure in the general election and thus the electoral college:

The continued collapse of the coal industry
The continued slow death of steel in spite of tariffs
The closures of family farms in spite of tariffs
The failure to replace the ACA with anything more affordable while slowly gutting it and thus kicking off people who got onto insurnace because of it (not to mention canning the preexisting condition exclusions).
The growing backlash against severe abortion restrictions
The continued lossess in state and federal courts that are forcing gerrymandered districts to be redrawn.
The fact that only among non-college educated white men has support for him grown in the last three years.
The 2018 House election.

I could go on. But i have coffee to drink.