A nice story of success! That is really honest and I am glad you are happy. I guess I should have qualified I was thinking over a longer timeframe than *right now*, but that doesn't change anything about what you said. Thanks for responding.

This is very much what I was getting at, Kristin, and quite well put. Thanks!

I would lay even money on the idea that every person on this post is unhappy with their sex life. Give you 2:1 even.

There is no greener pasture full of 'sexy time'. You are not weird or an outlier for feeling how you do or doing what you do. You are amongst fellows!

Check out the angst in all the comments on Kristen's recent posts. We are all there scared and alone with you (more or less)!

Sorry to speak so directly to you, a person I do not know or have any knowledge of besides this board. It's probably a step too far.