so the only two pieces of advice Lee has gotten here are A) go into spaces that don’t have “find a date” as part of their charter and try to find a date, and B) lower his standards.

Like he could be hip-deep in ass except that he’s too ~picky~, like there’s chicks just throwing themselves at him all day but he’s like “eewww, no fatties, no uggoes

and yet here you are telling LeeEsq that he doesn't fuck because his standards are too high, which is a rather transactional way to describe the situation

There's no recession, there's plenty of jobs for people who are willing to work hard and tighten their belts and stop spending so much on luxuries. Not everyone is guaranteed an executive position with a million-dollar salary, but there's always going to be a space for someone who's willing to pay their dues and put in the time and be a real go-getter. And remember, any time you have debt, just make one extra payment a year--it really adds up in the long run! And also make sure you save for retirement, you should have at least three times your yearly salary saved by age 35.

"I never heard a convincing explanation on why [Houllebecq] is wrong."

It's like Papal Infallibility turned round. If Houllebecq is right, then the whole system is bullshit based on lies, therefore he's wrong.