"In 2016, the depth of the GOP field represented the party’s strength. In 2020, the depth of the Dem field represents the party’s weakness."

In 2016, a collection of the GOP's young up and comers and stable old hands got bushwhacked - and bushwhacked badly - by a belligerent reality TV star. Within two years, all but Trump were either unemployed, relegated to punchlines, or busily rearranging the furniture in the HUD main office. I'll accept the argument that the 2020 Dem field is weak - which I'll contest if Biden all but runs the table - but you can't convince me the 2016 GOP field wasn't either. Or that this hasn't been a problem for both parties going back to at least 2012, or even 2008 and 2004. Or that our collective notion of what constitutes a 'strong field' is based off of a political history generated before open primaries, 24 hour news media, and social media.