Meanwhile, in real actual American fascism, ICE deports an Iranian student with a valid F-1 visa to attend Northeastern University, despite an order not to by a federal district judge.

This is fasicsm because it shows utmost contempt for the law without consequences. ICE literaly went against the holding of a Federal District Court judge because they wanted to. They did so without cause or merit. Yet, a lot of people are worried that the Democratic Party will just not nominate some mystical magical person that every real true American can get behind. They might have to, gasp of horror hear, vote for a real actual Democratic Party member rather than a Republican but less icky than Trump nominated by the Democratic Party. Because apparently allowing fascism to happen is preferable to having to vote for a real actual Demorcratic Party member.

I'm going to third Chip and Saul but will add an additional point. A big problem with fighting Trump is that he is such a big juicy target and is positively reviled by the entire Democratic Party. This means that many of the very ambitious people in the Democratic Party want to be the one that takes Trump down. Since the Democratic Party is also in the midst of ideological readjustment, returning to a more robust form of liberalism, the various people running become avatars of different factions. It's as much as a fight for the future of the Democratic Party as it is against Trump.

This problem comes along a lot when democracies battle against fascism. The different non-fascist parts all see themselves as the true defenders against fascism and don't work well with each other. Its like how the KPD kept attacking anybody who didn't agree with them as social fascists or why the Republican Coalition in Spain never worked as well as the Nationalists. They all agree on what they hate and what is wrong but they can't agree on the antidote.