In a charitable way, I think it is another manifestation of the shock you mentioned above, so many people are in utter disbelieve that tens of millions of Americans like what Donald Trump is selling and how he is selling it. Even more if you include the people who dislike the sales technique but love the product. This manifests itself in being gobsdmacked that there is not a Johnny Unbeatable candidate who can get 75 percent or more of the popular vote and FDR in 36, Nixon in 72, or Reagan in 84 levels of the electoral college.

"Its really just that cult of the savvy stuff, where people play armchair pundit, like handicapping the pennant race or something."

I am also coming to the conclusion that a lot of political junkies like the horse race stuff over policy/morality/ethics stuff.

I think the issue that you stumbled upon is that Trump’s supporters or apologists incorrectly see themselves as the victims. Jaybird seems to have sympathy for this group and view poking whether he admits it or not.

Jaybird sees liberals as the biggest hypocrites. So anything that says “gotcha” to a lib is good.

There is a difference whether an argument can be made and whether an argument can be made in good faith. There is an issue of whether someone should an attempt to make the argument at all.

You are basically admitting to amorality here without concern or care.

This is my shocked face. It is the same as my unshocked face. Of course you would make this argument Jaybird.

It is an amazingly bad faith argument and you have no sense of shame or decency. Just a burning desire to own the libs no matter what.

The reporter whom Trump was mocking is physically disabled. He was born with malformed arms. Trump is making a typical gesture known for mocking the physically disabled. One known to anyone who spent anytime in the American school system. Maybe any school system.

And yet here you are being a willfully ignorant just to make an argument contra Chip.

Why should we view you as anything but a Trump apologist if not outright supporter? How much bad faith argumentation can you give?

Glenn Greenwald has been arrested in Brazil:

I post this here because I think there is another issue we are dancing around besides the one Chip mention (though it is related). Most people here assume Trump has authoritarian/dictator leanings. He has certainly expressed is contempt at various features of democracy and clean government including ranting against the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, bemoaning that cops can't just beat down on people, pardoning war criminals like Gallagher, and bemoaning Sullivan's robust protections for free speech.

So the question is: why are we not a dictatorship yet? Is Trump not interested in rounding up every Democratic politician or is he unable to because people told him it would be a game over thing? The impeachment trial in the Senate will be a sham but Trump has not been unable to prevent a lot of damning information from coming out. If he were truly a dictator, would he be able to round up Pelosi and Schiff and others?

I will join with Chip. There is a massive elephant in the room that OT seems psychologically incapable of dealing with on a factual level.

One of the oddest features of the age of Trump is that no one talks about Trump's popularity levels on realistic terms. He has been consistently unpopular with more than half the population. His approval ratings hang in the low 40s constantly. I find this constancy disturbing but it is not a majority.

Yet Trump supporters and certain anti-Trumpers seem to either treat Trump's popularity rating as being well over 60 percent or that it will become so any day now. This assumes a massive amount of facts not in evidence. Yet it persists. Why? Is it because there are still lots of people out there who just think of Democrats as "the crap team?"

The GOP made huge gains in state legislatures during the aughts. Many of these were the products of the last holdouts of southern/rural Democrats dying out. But in 2017-2019, Democrats made serious gains in reversing those. 2019 saw Democrats win elections in areas that had been Republican strongholds since the Civil War.

Yet these things always get discounted at OT. Why is that?