It's worth pointing out that if you transfer Stein's voters to Clinton, she wins the election.

"Clinton won the popular vote" is an argument based entirely on crowd attendance, sir

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Jaybird, explaining how an accused amoral scumbag might not see himself that way is defending an accused amoral scumbag, and the only people who would defend accused amoral scumbags are amoral scumbags themselves, because who would care about amoral scumbags? Not I, of course, I'm one of the good people, and you can tell it by how much I hate those accused amoral scumbags.

Discussions here on the OT from the time suggest a general dissatisfaction with Clinton, but no particular enthusiasm for Sanders; pretty much everyone expected Clinton to win, though.

It's worth remembering how people were begging Biden to run in 2016. "Draft Biden" actually registered as a political party, I think.

and to those who think "all the Democrats have to do is Not Be Trump", I point to 2004, where everyone figured that all the Democrats had to do was Not Be Bush.