See, I could see myself enjoying a Ren Faire, especially if I had someone to go with me. (A big thing with me and crowds is I don't like being alone in them; I feel like I stick out like a lonely sore thumb among all the couples and families. Also being alone feels less "safe")

I mean, some Ren Faires are kinda hokey, but the hokeyness is part of the fun

Better: a candy bar that is chocolate filled with cookie DOUGH instead of hard cookie bits.

I have never been to a State Fair. (They were not a big thing where I grew up, and the fairgrounds were hours and hours away from us). I don't think I'd go now; crowds of that size make me uncomfortable. Still, it would be nice to see the animals and the artwork and maybe get a lemon shake-up.

No real plans for this weekend. This was the first week of classes and I feel like it was about five years long. (I have my first grief counseling appointment this afternoon, and now I think I was smart to schedule it; earlier I was like "I'm doing OK, I won't need it" but after this week it's pretty clear I'm not doing OK.) I have bell-choir rehearsal Saturday and I might try to work a bit on some ongoing research, but other than that I expect it will be quiet.

I wish it were less hot here. It's hard to want to do anything much when it's so hot.