Comments on Weekend Plans Post: The State Fair by PD Shaw

Is the school year an issue? Our state fair usually takes place either the week before or the week after the start of school. It makes a considerable difference in how many families attend.

We have two state fairs, the one in the capitol is the main one, and gives out all of the agriculture and arts and crafts awards. The other is in the South, where they have the monster-truck and motor vehicle races.

My wife and I volunteered to work a gate at the State Fair again this year, but for the first time for a long time, we didn't walk around later. She signed us up for the 7-9 AM weekday shift at one of the more obscure gates because my wife is a strategic thinker, but it turned out that it was senior citizen day and we were at the gate closest to those events. So while my job was to sell the tickets, and my wife's was to take the tickets (there is no way separation of functions could prevent fraud there), I basically asked everyone that came up to the gate if they might possibly be 60 years old and gave them a ticket. I sold none.

It was also a gate politicians were going to use, though only one came while we were there. Some politicians make a show of paying for their ticket ($5), I was curious how many would use comps. A member of the governor's security detail came and told me who he was and wanted to know if that gate would be kept open, it wasn't open earlier. "Yeah, we opened it and we're here until 9." "You need to understand, I'm on the governor's security detail and I need to know that when he gets here and when he leaves that the gate will be open." Shrugs, "should be open; we're just volunteers, I'm not sure how long it will be open." I'm with the governor's security detail . . . [Cut to the short, he's not going to tell me when the governor will arrive or leave, I could be a NAZI saboteur, I just needed to say "Yes, it will be open."] Never saw him.

And at some point, a man with a badge gave me a parking pass and told me the President would be coming for the Looking for Lincoln presentation. He will look like Abraham Lincoln and if there is any doubt, his license plates are I-Am-Abraham-Lincoln.(*) About an hour later an SUV drove up, it was freakin' Abraham Lincoln, he smiled beneficently, he saw my mouth hanging open, I looked at his plates, and sure enough they read I-Am-Abraham-Lincoln. I looked back at him and he smiled and nodded, as if to say "yep, guess that's me." Here you go Mr. President.

(*) Close but not the actual plates. The President's actually been assassinated, so I don't want to contribute to an actual security concern.