Is this too political a comment?

No, but the ones that would explain why this is good sure as heck will be.

I can't imagine its changed much. There are more gadgets and electronics but, between those, it still has high schoolers in wool playing "Louie Louie" as they march down the promenade.

It's, like, a Ren Faire for normal people.

Maribou and I don't go to the events proper (monster trucks, tractor pulls, Rock and/or Roll from 38 Special), just the various pavilions and see the various 4H kids doing 4H stuff and hearing a rooster crow from 10 feet away is an experience in itself. If you've got a free afternoon, you would benefit from wandering through it with some roasted corn or a turkey leg or a beer smoothie in hand.

You know, I think that you'd dig going to one. Yes, there are *HUGE* crowds but, in our experience at our fair, if you go during the day, you avoid the rowdy folks. The only problem at that point is how dang hot it is... but the arts and crafts pavilion has A/C and the heat outdoors has the side effect of making the lemonade taste even better.

I thought I remembered having seen a cookie/candybar amalgam on the candy shelves the last time I went to the grocery store (I only have eyes for Take 5) and googled and immediately fell down a rabbit hole.

It's a cookie recipe that, get this, uses leftover Halloween candy.

Chunk technology advances.