Comments on The Hedgehog Who Won by KenB in reply to pillsy

There's an implicit suggestion there that this is specifically a GOP failing - do you really think that if the situation were reversed and the Dems benefited from the EC, mainstream Dems wouldn't be defending it?

Well, if that was the question, then sure, it's a little different. I find it hard to keep track sometimes, or even to realize that there's a single question being discussed.

Sure, depending on what it is we're trying to figure out. It's kind of absurd to identify what's "representative" across a group of 10s of millions of people and across any number of different areas of policy (many of which can't be placed on a simple scale where the concept of an "average" even makes any sense).

If we were political professionals, we might want to do a "brand equity" study, to find out what people generally associate with the party -- but that will have much more to do with what they see in the media than with who's the median Dem voter.

Rats, I was hoping to find out if you would be any use to me for my upcoming bank heist. Having you there to stop one bullet might not be a guarantee of success but it would definitely improve the odds.

This reminds me of 2012 with Michelle Bachmann & Todd Akin -- it was in their own interest and in the interest of the Democrats to paint them as the face of the new GOP.

I don't think it's justified to point the finger at the GOP for the Squad's prominence -- certainly they're taking advantage of it and helping it along, but it wouldn't be happening without plenty of oxygen from the louder left and the media.