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Yeah, and honestly I'm not that good with arguments framed within the context of 'obligations to each other'(spit, spit), but it was like a piece of puzzle that might fit in this scenario.

Oh good, I'm starting the BDS of population centers. Where's my T-shirt?

I'm sure there will be a plaque to the patron saint of idiots somewhere in Pripyat over the last grave of democricide.

You could tell me how cute and cuddly that rabbit is, still ain't buying it.

Don't we have an obligation to each other to at least not support (if only by denying trade) this kind of regime?

And of course we might need to unpack their currency manipulations that have went on for the last X number of years.

Communist China=Rome,

I didn't actually say charity, so try again.

Yeah I should have just merged the meanings of the two words and went with Democratic Socialists(oh hell, Clintons again).

FTR what was the upside in supporting a murderous communist regime(other than the Clintons)?

I would have missed you, your an honest base stealer, and that's pretty rare in this day and age.


If the political compass is correct the differences would show in levels of authority.

Your average position and solution would have more flexibility, where LGM would be more structured, rigid and final, and they wouldn't be shy in telling you about it.

I hope your using protection and washing that stuff off when your done. Ha,

Honestly I could start a bar fight over there any day of the week, and twice on sunday, there just would be no value to it.

Thanks, and guess I will since I was asked, but it may be a bumpy ride for awhile.

Fuck it, just rename this site to LGM, I'm outta here for a good long while.

[Counter Saulism Link]

Trump tells off Denmark:

This bodes well for a Polar Silk Road.

Evil is a cult.

Ah, ok, will of course the 'what ever it takes' is the answer to 'what is to be done'.

I ain't sayin', and I only piped up this time because I made a promise to myself awhile back that if anyone made a run at Aaron I would be willing to cut some fence.

Let's try this again

Which part:

a.)The popular kids have long used the “what ever it takes” principle


b.)Ah democracy

Yeah that's weird about 'the center of everything'. IMO your the most sane guy on the west coast.

There are about four or five people on OT I would take bullet for, and your one of them.

George adds and is half as foolish as some who are considerably intolerant, yet dish it out a plenty.

Ah democracy, isn't it grand.

The popular kids have long used the "what ever it takes" principle, it's a hell of a thing looking at it from the other end.

"If you want knowledge, you must take part in the practice of changing reality. If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself"

The GOP/Republican party is doomed.