Like fillyjonk I've never been to a state fair. My first blush reaction to the idea is that there isn't anything there I would find interesting, though once I think that it hits me that I actually have no idea what one does at state fair. And now I'm googling the upcoming Oregon State Fair. The Special Events include Belt Buckle Battle, Monster Truck Championship, tractor pull, and a seemingly misplaced thing called the All-Alaskan Racing Pigs. So probably not my cup of tea in 2019, but I bet when the kids were actually kids it might have been a blast.

I'm mostly relaxing this weekend. The only things I have on my calendar is taking the oldest boy out to dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday, and meeting up with Burt tomorrow to do a distillery-tasting run with knitting niki.

Main goal: engage in absolutely positively zero work-related activities. We'll see how well I can actually do with that.