I was wondering if school starts were a factor.

On that tangent: yeah, there's plenty of public schools in Pueblo without AC, and we're usually a bit hotter than Denver. Sad to see the Denver schools have that problem. There's a meme going around that claims CO is last in school funding. I know I've seen studies that put us at 48 or so in per capita funding. Is it a factor of importing most of our college grads? Or TABOR? I don't know (but it's prolly TABOR).

Yeah, but it's probably easier to get to the Minnesota fair from a distance. Minnesota doesn't have a mountain chain running down its middle. It may have something to do with the types of farming in Minnesota, I don't know. I grew up going to the Kentucky State Fair, also in the biggest city in the state. Maybe their are other reasons for those fairs' successes, maybe not.

One problem with the CO state fair is that the fairgrounds are small, and you can't really expand them in their current location. The second is all the bougie white folks in the northern sections of the I-25 corridor are too scared to come to Pueblo because there's too many brown folks down here.

The Fair in Denver? I'm sure everyone's ready to enjoy the traffic and high priced accommodations to pay even more to go to the fair and even more for the fair food. In short, fish you; Denver has enough. (Sorry, angry SoCo resident here)

Yup, it's going to be hot in the 'Blo; my weather channel app says 95 and 99 on Saturday and Sunday. Stay cool. We're actually going to the fair this year because the wife wanted to attend a concert on the 31st. We'll probably get there early to have some fair food.