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Overbroad, vague. Trade is not charity. We have been trading with China since Nixon. They are an incredibly large market and a huge consumer of American agricultural products.

More insanities:

1. What is going on with the Overstock CEO? Though he seemed to suffer from mental illness for years.

2. Trump sent out a tweet "ordering" American companies to look for alternatives to the Chinese market? Apparently saying we have lots "trillions" of dollars because of China.

Suppose Trump was not the President but just a relative? How many actions does he commit a day that would get his family looking into conservaship? But no, he is President and owning the libs must rule the land above all so no one is allowed to talk about our dementia addled President.

Way to prove a point George.

I never know what to make of the fact that by LGM standards I am a moderate or even center-right in the eyes of some posters. Meanwhile on OT, I am the second coming of Robspierre combined with Lenin.

Trump and the GOP are not well:

Even if this is a pure troll/scam/grift, it does not bode well for politics or discourse.

Are not at the center of attention anymore.

I don't find George amusing. I don't think he adds much to the discourse here. I refuse to suffer his foolishness gladly or gently because of aw schucks bipartisanship. People who put forth insanities and inane thoughts need to know it will not be taken easily.

Fuck off and don’t tell me what my interests are

We are moving into more authoritarian shit now.

Also they are in districts that are turning Blue. Trump might not be a catalyst but he is an accelerant at least.

My personal view is that what most GOPers decided they want most of all is white rule to varying degrees. They are seeing new generations that will be plurality if not majority minority and it freaks them out. They also fear urban rule. This is similar to the freak out had by rural Protestants in 1920 because the 1920 census showed the urban population exceeded the rural population for the first time. This lead to prohibition and suppressing reapportionment for a decade.

2018’s Democratic houseware is largely a result of the GOP finally managing to alienate a lot of college educated suburban voters especially female voters. Fox News (yes Fox News) came out with a pol last week that should scare the bejebus out of Trump and the GOP. Trump is massively unpopular and every major nominee is beating him the pols. Though Harris does this barely as of now. A bunch of GOP Texas congresscritters decided to retire because they were facing steep odds in 2020. In Texas.

I would like to take one partisan claim too. “Democrats in disarray” is a deeply held and wrong belief that needs to die in a fire. Lots of middle aged white guys seemed programmed to vote GOP and discount Democrats because that is what white guys seem programmed to do in the United States. I remember a lot of white guys predicting that the GOP would gain seats in the House in 2018 because how else could it be. Lots of white guys seem convinced that Trump is going to rocket to unassailable popularity any day now.

I think the Squad and even more moderate freshman Democrats are more disciplined and better campaigners than people give them credit for. Especially guys who grew up in the Reagan 80s

I think your history is slightly off. A big chunk of the 19th century to early 20th century Republican Party loved protective tariffs. They thought the tariffs promoted American industry and manufacturing (and enriched themselves). One of the earliest Republican responses to the Great Depression was to increase tariffs. This backfired. The Democrats got better and for worse (see the 1619 project) were often big supporters of free trade. This did not really change until the post war era and then not really and not for long.