Comments on Saturday Morning Gaming: God of War by Andrew S.

I'm nearing what I hope is the end of Prey, which has managed to keep surprising me (while still adequately foreshadowing other things). I haven't played any of the System Shock / Bioshock games to which I've seen it compared, nor any of Arkane's other offerings, but I've been enjoying most of it so far (the "most of it" is because at points, supplies have been tight enough to be worrying, due to my sometimes-profligate use of them).

I've only played the original God of War, about which I remember mostly that I found the violence and nudity gratuitous enough that the complaints about them seemed reasonable. Your comment about it reveling in its adolescence seems to capture it well. I did enjoy the gameplay quite a bit, but didn't ever look into the sequels. I don't recall specifically why not, but even at that point I suspect I had a bit of a backlog, and in most respects I preferred Devil May Cry.