Marianne Williamson pays staffers love dividends? Does the FEC even have a rule about that? I'm sure Biden showers his staffers with affection, which is okay but kind of creepy, but I'm not sure where the line is. Showering with staffers, maybe?

Anyway, Bernie is obviously not to blame for his staffing situation. He could pay them double overtime if liberal elites or greedy corporations would donate more to his campaign. He's not supposed to redistribute his money. That's just not how socialism works. He's supposed to redistribute someone else's money, and those someone elses are dropping the ball, not pulling the wagon, benefiting from unearned privilege, defending the unequal status quo, reaping the rewards of other's labor, exploiting the proletariat, defending their entrenched interests... They need a kick in the pants.

Bernie probably soon announce that he has to "rightsize" his campaign staff.

"I apologize to you all, but campaigning is rough and has many ups and downs.
I was hoping to gain a good deal of ground when Eric Swalwell bowed out of the race because I'm the most logical next pick. And indeed, Eric's supporter said she was switching to me. Thank you Mrs Swalwell. I won't disappoint you."

"But we're going to have to make some adjustments, and some staffer's hours have obviously been cut. That's okay, because when they're not on the clock, they're still out there preaching the message of free everything for everybody, and once everything is free, it won't matter how much anyone makes. In fact, we'll just stop paying people altogether."

"But until that time, we have to stay lean so we can beat all the fat cats who are buying up the other candidates like they were cheap, immoral, soulless, low-rent politicians. Not that my wonderful opponents are any of those things. That's just an indictment of our flawed electoral process, and one we will change by forming a government that's so popular that nobody will ever cast a vote against it, at least not without ending up in a mental hospital for clinical observation and possible confinement."

"Anyway, your new hours and assignments are posted on the empty vending machine in the lobby, the one that someone rigged this morning to give out free chips and candy bars. Hopefully the snack company will refill it soon. Margret, try calling them after we leave here. Okay, that's it folks! Back to work transforming America and ending capitalism!"

Hondurans and Guatemalans would canvas for votes for a third what Bernie's union staffers are demanding. One of his opponents should bring that up. They could call Bernie out as a racist for insisting on $15 an hour, but only for young people who are white coastal elites, while totally neglecting the plight of desperate immigrants who are true victims of Trump's racism, American imperialism, oligarchical oppression, and globalist capitalism, and who came here seeking even entry level jobs as socialist political organizers. Watching the subsequent cream pies fly back and forth would be quite entertaining.

I don't think Bernie should pay his staffers anything. If they truly believed in transforming American into a socialist paradise, they wouldn't act like capitalists, sticking their grubby hands out for money. How many of his staffers are just in it for themselves and their personal gain, instead of being devoted to the cause of justice and human progress? They need to learn that socialism requires sacrifice, and lots of it.

It's beyond time for him to separate the wheat from the chaff. If the federal law dictates that he pay them something, let him pay them in Bolivars or North Korean wons to show solidarity with their proletarian peers who are far ahead of us on the path to true socialism.