I started thinking about this and how to respond and I think it's an essay.

But this deserves an essay.

Last night, I had the scene where I fought (and killed) a dragon.


And, afterwards, I improved my son's bow.

Yeah, the boss fight that is 100% different than the rest of the game has been the downfall of more than one game. (Remember the new Deus Ex? Spent the first two hours hacking and sneaking and shooting bad guys with tranq darts... then they throw you up against a boss that you can't defeat without frag grenades.)

For what it's worth, Gods of War II and III didn't do that.

There are some seriously fun moments.

But they're interspersed with your son coming to terms with something or other and you see Kratos raise his hand to offer comfort... hesitate... and then put his hand back down. You know he wants to be a good dad but doesn't know how to communicate it.

Between killing gods.